Welcome.  On behalf of Mayor Thomas W. Gillen and the City Historian Advisory Board, we welcome you to our new website. It is designed to help accomplish our mission which is essentially:

1) To identify primary materials relating to the history of the city as well as its environs, including the official public records of the City of Oswego, which are under the care of the City Clerk

2) Preserve official public records and the writings of historians and interested citizens, covering more than three centuries of existence of this central New York community from colonial times to the present

3) Disseminate written articles pertaining to the region’s history

4) Encourage interested citizens to participate in all of the above by furnishing them with this interactive web site where they can comment on the activities presented here and/or add their own contributions

5) Serve as a resource, a clearinghouse if you will, which will identify other institutions which offer similar services, e.g. the Oswego Public Library, the Marine Museum, the Heritage Foundation, the Oswego County Historical Society, to name a few.

Town historical societies would be welcome to participate. Hopefully, we will be able to provide links to these organization to facilitate the efforts of the various organizations.

In this way we hope to generate enthusiasm among a growing number of citizens to record for posterity the rich history our region has to offer.

Dr. Luciano J. Iorizzo
Professor of History, Emeritus, SUNY Oswego
City Historian


Advisory Board: John Allen, Esq., Helen Breitbeck, Michael Goldych, Murray Gould,Tony Leotta, Robert Schell, Therea Slosek, Ron Wilson

We are indebted to Jim Enwright and Brian Bresnan, IT Advisors/Webmasters who are providing the technical assistance in this venture.

2 Responses to About

  1. Clinton Brown, FAIA says:

    Dear Doctor Iorizzo,

    The Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor Commission will be meeting in Oswego on Wednesday March 27.

    As a Commissioner who plans to attend, what can I learn beforehand about historic preservation in Oswego?

    Thanks and best wishes, Cliinton Brown

  2. I have been reading Peter Ways article about The events surrounding the military action in and around Oswego, 1754-56. I have been trying to locate information about my grandfather Capt, or Lieut Samuel Rhodes who was apparently assigned to William Pepperrill’s 51 st Reigment of foot, according to a last 1754 notice in the London Gentlemans Magazine, London. Does anyone know of any lists showing who served in or near Oswego or NY during those times? Capt. Samuel Rhodes probate was filed in North Kingstown, RI July 1756 so I am guessing , with no evidence at all that perhaps he died in NY if he was here at all. There is listed in an old newspaper of the time, waiting mail for a Walter Rhodes who was at
    Oswego, same time period, I believe 1756. Samuel Rhodes had only one son, Walter. Thank you.

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