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Tribute to John O’C. Conway

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word “gentleman” this way “A polite, gracious, or considerate man with high standards of propriety or correct behavior”. It also defines politics as “the strife of interests, masquerading as a contest of principle, the study of who gets what, why, when, where, and how. No wonder the computer couldn’t connect the two concepts. But where the computer failed, John O’Connor Conway succeeded, and he was surely one in a million. John was a very rare breed of human being indeed who could combine politics with being a gentleman. In fact, he was the very embodiment, the personification, of those two concepts and he combined them with dignity, quiet compassion, humor, tact and resourcefulness in a way that some say only a true Irish politician can do. Continue reading

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Program for the Services of John O’Connor Conway

….. Click here to read the tribute to John O’C. Conway Click here for a background of the Hon. John O’Connor Conway

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